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First Snow in Rondane

It’s November and sure enough twitter is feeding me more and more beautiful pictures, videos and stories of first snow in the northern mountain areas around the globe. Have a look at the twitter feeds of @Arcteryx or @Norrona and you’ll see what I mean. Made me think back to a tour I did through Rondane national park in mid Norway last year in September.

We started out in nasty conditions – rain and cold but found shelter in a tiny open cabin by a lake I had discovered years before.

The next day we had a long walk up a rough but beautiful valley. No marked tracks anymore. The world there totally belonged to us.

The valley concluded in a rather steep ascend with more and more snow. I think it must have been the first notable amounts of snow in that region that year.

From up the ridge we had a stunning view down the other side and over the mountains that would mark our way further.

The night of course was quite chilly but our tent kept us safe from the winds and the down sleeping bags kept us snug and cozy. Cheers to the folks at Hilleberg and Western Mountaineering!

I’ll never forget the view outside the tent the next morning with the peaks around us covered in fresh powder and the fjell vegetation all dressed up in pretty autumn colors of red and orange…

Working in an all too digital job, tours and moments like these help to put things in perspective. Friluftsliv at its best.

Let me know if you’d like to get details on the place and the route we took.

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