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Why Paperless?

Doing things differently takes energy. So why invest time and energy? Well there are obvious reasons like

  • less impact on the environment
  • accessibility of information
  • faster, frictionless workflows
  • improved security (if done right)

But I’ll tell you what really drives my decision to do this project. I need a room.

For my newborn. That room used to be my home office and I’ll now turn it into a baby room. Yep – with a baby bed and baby everything. No space for Pa’s work in there anymore. So where does my stuff go? We don’t have a spare room and I decided to absolutely refuse working in the basement ;-)

So. I took a sharp look at what’s actually defining my home office – and found: Most of the documents in those binders should be possible to dissolve into digital form. Beloved books could move in the living room’s book shelf. Last not least my scanner and printer are attached to my wifi anyway and therefore could just as well live in a drawer. Hocuspocus – home office would disappear. All I’d need then would be a nice sunny place by the window for me and my MacBook – ideally with that scanner and printer drawer at arms length reach.

Good reason + positive feasibility analysis = Perfect excuse for a nerdy project ;-)

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