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Winter at Haukeliseter

One thing I particularly love about scandinavian friluftsliv is the tradition of hyttekos. While friluftsliv is about enjoying sports and nature in most any kind of weather, hyttekos is all about having it cozy by the fireplace in your wooden cabin. Perfect combination! A few years ago we’ve been to an old cabin called “Haukeliseter” up on the infamous mountain plateau Hardangervidda.

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  1. I enjoy your blog big time! Keep up with good work! I’m definitely subscribing! Btw – Haukeliseter is a Swedish or Norwegian thing? I lived for few years in Denmark and now I happen to live in Greenland and have never heard about this term before. Take care!

    29. November 2012
  2. Thanks Filip. Haukeliseter is a mountain lodge in mid Norway and you can find their website here: Have not been to Greenland yet but think it’s a must go. Best regards over to Greenland!

    29. November 2012
  3. Manu #

    It’s the first really cold day here in Montreal. I love it so much! I always thought I was a summer guy but since I have started living here, I have really enjoyed winter time and cold. I don’t have a cabin or a fireplace yet though.
    I’ve just discovered your blog… So far I like it!

    30. November 2012

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