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Career: 10 Steps to a New Role

A friend of mine recently told me that he finally decided to actively look out for a new job at a different company – even a different industry maybe. He clearly explained how he got to that decision. He found that what he did for his employer over the years had deviated more and more from both his competences and his interests. Very clear assessment. But when thinking of how to actually reposition himself with a new branch environment for a role that would better fit with his career vision, he was puzzled and needed guidance. I roughly laid out some steps that I would recommend him. His answer: Can you write this down – word by word – please? Not that I was a professional career consultant, far from, but well, here we go: My 10 step recommendation to a new role.

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Going Paperless: What to keep on Paper

It’s been a while since my last post in this series. We enjoyed our first christmas with our newborn in the circle of our families. Truly wonderful weeks. I used this relaxed “time between the years” to do some research on what kinds of documents I could really get rid of (scan & shred) – and maybe more importantly – what I would definitely want to keep as paper original. Here’s what I found.

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