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So, I’m Chris Holscher and confessions first: Couldn’t help becoming a Mac nerd over the years…

Also gladly addicted to Scandinavia and the northern ways of life. Love the scandinavian simplicity, timeless design and relaxed focus. Some of which I hope I can reflect in the workflow stuff I post on this site.

On the business side of life in my day job I’m leading the marketing for the compute product line of BT Global Services. That said, anything I publish on this blog represents solely my own personal opinions and not the ones of my employer.

I’m currently 39 years old and living in the beautiful city of Hamburg in northern Germany. I’m married and have a lovely newborn daughter who takes much of my attention, love and nightlife… Which is one more excellent reason to keep everything else simple to allow me spend as much time and energy as possible with my loved ones.

You can contact me through my Twitter account @chrisholscher