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Workflow: A paperless Shopping List

This morning, thinking about the next steps on my paperless journey I was distracted as I realised I needed to get new milk – and bread – and actually should go for a general resupply at the supermarket anyway. That distraction led me to an idea.

Paperless can start with the very little things: What if your shopping list went digital? Reminding you based on time or based on places you come by? Shared with your partner? Synced?

When the Reminders App on the iPhone was updated with a sharing feature my wife and I got rid of our paper based shopping lists. No regrets.

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Overview of my (target) Paperless System

Yep – talking about a target, not about definitive outcome. I know where I’d like to go but I’ll have to see how things play out. So what are the ingredients to the system I want to implement?

Let’s go systematically. Involved will be: All that paper stuff, also digital stuff, some machinery, programs that make the machinery work, added some logic to make things work my way, a bit of storage, some handy devices to view and use my digital documents – and last not least – a safety net. Right – so that was in non-nerd language. Let’s get nerdy… Read more

Why Paperless?

Doing things differently takes energy. So why invest time and energy? Well there are obvious reasons like

  • less impact on the environment
  • accessibility of information
  • faster, frictionless workflows
  • improved security (if done right)

But I’ll tell you what really drives my decision to do this project. I need a room. Read more

Heard the podcasts, read the books, decided to go there

Paperless. I’m convinced. It just makes sense in a lot of ways. Why keep invoices, manuals, administrational correspondence in paper form? Why not dissolve this into digital bits and bytes? Make it disappear from my shelves and achieve accessibility through my digital devices, wherever I am, whenever I need it. Yes I’ll try that. And I’ll record my progress, my failures, my workarounds and solutions here. Comments, hints and tricks most welcome.